In 1987, I got my first electric guitar, it was a Series A. it was a Jackson copy.

Two months later i was starting a band ! My best friend got himself a Series A bass, black precision copy. We were in heaven !!!

It is really hard to find information about it, so i decided to create a blog about those guitars. My goal is to find more informations about the history of those guitars.

The only thing that I know is that it was distributed by Kief Music LTD in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Some say that it was made in Korea.

The blog is here to share informations about those instruments, so, if you have any information, please feel free to share it with us !!!!



montréal, québec

if you want to send me pictures of yours, i will share it on this site,

mercredi 4 juillet 2012

Rainbow Music Shop

Gilles, from Rainbow Music Shop in Cornwall, Canada wrote me :

I had sold a "tonne" of those (over ten years ago).
They were a private label brand owned by Kief Music, to compete primarily against Samick's and the like back then.
All the ones I carried were made in Korea and, yes, the majority of them were Jackson styles.


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  1. Hi, can you send me your email, because I have a black seria stat style that you don't have.

    You can contact me at :

    d2racing911 at

  2. Check my profile on google+ and you will see my black seria guitar.

    I can send you the picture for your collection.

  3. George Bowser of Bowser and Blue used an A-Series "Machine Gun" model in their Rappin' Rambo video - and he still has the guitar. Here's a pic:

  4. I have a Mid 80's ES335 series a gibson copy, can someone give me some info on this guitar as in the price range of this instrument ? thank you. If anyone does have some info on this guitar my e-mail is,

    1. I have the same model only 20 years old. I will not part with it.plays better than my strat. Tele. Or Mosrite knock off. Hang on to it. If it plays good love it. If not have it set up. They are an excellent machine.I play it regularly in a band.

  5. I have a SERIES A les paul copy. Looking for more information on cost.

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  7. I should follow up with the info that I located my receipt - this was a mid-'89 model actually and the retailer price at the time was $450.

  8. I still have mine... parents bought it for me in about 1985 at Morris music in fredericton. Strat style body with Jackson head.

  9. I have a series a beige colour bought it at pawn shop very simple little guitar..i have it advertised on let go fort Erie Ontario canada

  10. Series A guitars were made by Samick in Korea. They were the bigger manufacturers of guitars in the world at that point. Here is a link on their website.

  11. I'm really happy about all your comments. That's why I did that site. At last we have a place to share our informations about that old obscur brand .. let's continue !

  12. I have an ES335 copy that I've had since 1998. Play it every week in a band. Have Strats, Tele, Yamaha, J Turser & Mostite style from Eastwood. But none are sweeter than the Series A.